The last month of a book and Pikes Peak Writers Conference

Two news tidbits this morning: 

Monthly blog post up at Writer Unboxed:  The Last Month of a Book (or “I am pregnant beyond all ability to describe it” ). Which I wrote Monday. 

Tuesday morning, the Pikes Peak Writers Conference called with an emergency. One of their keynote speakers is unable to fly and they asked if I could possibly fill in.  I said yes so fast I think the organizer was startled, but I think I’m starved for the company of my tribe, and it will be good to drink it all in, and for some reason, teaching and speaking energizes me.  So it will be fun.

But you can laugh at me if you want.  I understand. The universe is chuckling, too.  I like that about the universe!

Anyone in Colorado Springs this weekend?

4 thoughts on “The last month of a book and Pikes Peak Writers Conference

  1. I am! You’re a hero to do this. I look forward to meeting you in person at Colo Springs.

  2. How wonderful! Please introduce yourself.

  3. Kristen

    That’s one conference I’ve always wanted to go to. 😀

    Have a blast, Barbara, and have fun recharging.

  4. They were so lucky to get you! I bet you wowed them!

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