An excellent review and interview

The Gazette Telegraph’s book columnist had some lovely things to say about The Lost Recipe For Happiness:

I should add that she most graciously interviewed me and read my book open-mindedly even though I accidentally blindsided her in a blog I wrote for RTB.  Thanks, Anita.  A lady and a scholar.


2 thoughts on “An excellent review and interview

  1. Cynthia Stone

    Hello Barbara. I devoured “The Lost Recipe For Happiness” in two days. Thanks. It was yummy.
    One question. Why don’t they have orange “bearish” looking dog on the cover?

  2. Ah, Cynthia! Well, the truth is, we couldn’t find a good photo of the right dog in the right position. BELIEVE me, I tried, especially as Alvin is my own incredibly beautiful Jack:

    So glad you enjoyed The Lost Recipe for Happiness. New book is coming in January!

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