Invitation to writers: Artful Balance

(and other creative people)

For a couple of months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to create a gathering place that’s joyful, supportive, and energizing.  ARTFUL BALANCE is a forum to help nuture the arty side of our lives, and be mindful in the pursuit of a writing (or whatever your art is–cooking counts, photography, painting, whatever).   The forum model seems to be the best idea, both to spread out moderating duties and keep out spammers, etc.   You’ll have to register in order to participate, but it’s easy.

If you’re interested in craft discussions, check out well-established and nitty-gritty Cherry Forums.

Go to ARTFUL BALANCE to register and join the discussion.  We’re just getting started.  This morning, I posted the three points of reading, writing and Internet fasting that are a great way to nourish yourself and give your work the room it needs to grow and bloom under rekindling the magic pratice.

Come on over.


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