Spontaneous afternoon tea










I needed to bake something today to make up for the horrific muffins from last week, and decided upon scones. Apricot scones.  They were so pretty we stopped everything, made a pot of tea (made with PG Tips, sent quarterly from England by CR’s mother) and ate them with cream and jam.

Pretty, no?

Have you baked something beautiful recently?

7 thoughts on “Spontaneous afternoon tea

  1. That’s absolutely gorgeous. Have to say ‘no’ to having baked something beautiful lately, but that photo certainly is inspiring.

  2. Monica

    Mmm, sounds good. Is there a particular recipe you used for those lovely looking scones? I haven’t baked something from scratch in a long time, pretty much stick to box stuff with help from my daughter.

  3. Monica, I used a scone recipe from the Ultimate Vegetarian Cookbook. The big trick with scones vs biscuits is a little more sugar, a little more butter, and use real cream for the dough.

  4. Kristen

    Oh those look divine.

    Need to go find things to make scones again.

    And PG Tips, I adore that tea.

  5. Barb

    That scone looks delicious! I love baked goods with a great cup of coffee. I haven’t baked anything from scratch recently, but now I’m reminded that I promised to make my husband a carrot cake. Maybe this week-end…

  6. I was as pleased with the photo as with the scones! 🙂

  7. Barb

    It looks like something right out of a cookbook – even bettter. And it’s inspiring too…

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