Plotting blog and “Magic” class

Two things this morning: 

#1  Posted a blog to Writer Unboxed this morning, Plotting for the Severely Right-Brained.  Might be helpful for some of you who have a brain like mine. 

#2 Reclaiming the Magic class starts on Monday.  The published workshop is nearly full (one spot left), but there is plenty of room in the aspiring class.    I really thought it would go the other way!  This is not divided for elitist reasons, but so that we can focus on the issues writers have at different stages of their careers. 

Some of the things that might specifically come up for aspiring writers:

How do you keep writing after three or five or ten years when you haven’t published and people around you have stopped believing you’ll ever publish?  How do you keep believing in yourself?  What tricks and techniques can help you get your work done even when you’re exhausted from kids/work/life?   How do you recover from a string of painful rejections or bad contest commentary?  How do you deal with other people publishing when you’ve been writing longer?   If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, please email me.

And DON’T FORGET: THERE ARE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH PUBLISHED AND ASPIRING WRITERS! Only a couple of people have tossed their names in the hat this time.  If you’d like to take the class but just can’t afford it, you might as well give it a shot, right?   Send me an email with “scholarship” in the title.




2 thoughts on “Plotting blog and “Magic” class

  1. Hi Barbara

    Do you have my name on your list? Alison Brideson (w/as Alison Stuart)…


  2. I don’t, Alison! Email coming.

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