no matter what, you have to keep smiling

Saw these in a vintage shop on West Colorado Avenue last Saturday. Something about the colors, the ragged edge of that door, the cheery trio of smiles, the suitcase….captured me. I’m still thinking about this.

Thus goes the writer brain. I have no idea why the girls are so VERY pleased with this, but they are delighted.
Obviously, delight and joy are themes for the week. Go take a photo you like and tell us where to see it. Or you can tell us about something else that was a big treat./p

5 thoughts on “no matter what, you have to keep smiling

  1. Erin Scoggins

    Man, I love this. It makes me want to grab a few characters and throw them in an old pink Cadillac for a road trip to Vegas.

    I especially love the way the middle one has her hands folded under her chin. I can’t decide who’d be the ringleader among the trio. I think the middle one wants to be, but the one on the left is always the center of attention without even trying.

    Thanks for getting my brain humming this morning. This photo did what two cups of coffee couldn’t!

  2. Well, these are not photos I took, but I wish I had. There are two because they were taken in succession and go together. A friend of my daughter’s took it, and it’s of my granddaughter Jillian and her friend Zakary. They are about 2 weeks apart and adore each other.

    They illustrate so beautifully the simple sweet joy of childhood. You can see them at my blog –

  3. Scarlet

    That picture makes me think of Piece of Heaven and Best Friend Barbie. Very cool.

  4. Scarlet, you’re right! I forgot all about that. Barbie played a very big part in A Piece of Heaven.

  5. FairyGlitter

    This photo = pure joy. It’s the sun and the smiles, the pretty blonde Barbies, the carefree traveling bug. Fun. Love it.

    Curious. Was the vintage shop celebrating Barbie’s 50th?

    Photos of Barbie from 1959 to 2009:

    Barbie’s turns 50, report:

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