Peaceful moderation

I’m skipping yoga this morning.  Ordinarily, this class is one I look forward to all week, taught by a woman who has a radiant peacefulness I find centering and powerful.  

But this morning, my shoulders are still bothering me.  I’ve had two falls while walking dogs in recent weeks, and both knees still have the scabs and bruises.  When I sat down to do meditation yesterday morning, what I noticed was that everything vaguely ached–knees, shoulders, arms.  Tired, tired muscles.

So, yes, exercise is good for you. We all know that. It keeps you supple, keeps you young, keeps you smarter, healthier, and calmer.   I’m a big fan.

But moderation in all things.  This morning, I have no desire to go to yoga or take a walk (and the dog has a sore paw anyway) or write or plot or clean something.  My mother is coming for a visit. We’ll get outside on this brilliant, sunny day, and have lunch somewhere and look at geegaws neither of us will buy, and then tonight, I’m kicking my kid off the television downstairs so I can watch a video. 

I have a tendency to keep going until I fall down.  Today, I’m stopping before that.  How about you? What can you moderate this weekend? Where do you overdo it?

5 thoughts on “Peaceful moderation

  1. Judi Romaine

    HI Barbara – I’m a very committed fan of yours; in fact, you’re one of a very few popular fiction authors I make a point to read every book when it comes it. I’ll be getting your new one now that I know it’s available. I find that as I move further along my own writing career, I get pickier about my own and others craft and you writing itself is superb. As for exercise, I’m 64 and I took on a game of exercising seven days a week fifteen years ago. I played the game for six months and it became a great habit whereby I now exercise 4-5 times a week and feel great about it. As someone who tries to play the heroic a lot in life, I think moderation is a good thing and learning to find a powerful place to play life from without leaning too far either way is great. I’m on my way now to find your book online to order –
    Judi (writing as Lynn Romaine)

  2. Judi, high praise, thank you. Yes, 4-5 times a week is about right. I’m glad to have rested today, and ambled around in the sunshine with my parents. Very good.

  3. Barb

    I overdid it this week-end in reading. Barbara, I started “Lost Recipe” and couldn’t put it down! (But I’m that way with all of your books.) I finished it in less than 24 hours and still managed to cook, do laundry, go to lunch with friends, etc. It’s just wonderful!

  4. I’ve been very moderate lately (with the exception of reading) as I’m battling with low iron and find the least exertion leaves me completely flat. Ah well, it’s a good thing there are always books to be read and written 😀

  5. Yvonne Erwin

    This weekend flashed by me as if I was dreaming it.

    I imagined that I would spend this past weekend carrying out some long-held wishes of mine, one of which was to stop by the antique shop of the ex-fiance of a friend of mine (what a mouthful), and then just have a leisurely roam about the house, cleaning this and straightening that and above all, not getting out of my supposed routine. There were cooking shows to watch, after all.


    An invitation from a friend came on Saturday, “oh, come down, I will make those pomegranite martinis I promised you,” and yes, I went and before long, the entire day was done and I’d not done any of the things I’d promised myself.

    Sunday, I cooked all day long. And did laundry and called my mother and sorted through all the mental images and impressions that belong in my book, although I didn’t write a dad-gum word.

    Me and my camera (arrow) wandered around the Springfield Nature Center for hours and I got some pretty nice shots of deer and ducks, although I missed a wonderful shot of a single goose flying over head. My camera has become my soul – in fact, I’m worrying about my driving abilities as every second hinges on whether the light or the angle is right for the next shot and I tend to lose myself in that while I am driving…oh boy.

    But, I did get a fair amount of shopping in and I did sample some gorgeous martinis in beautiful glasses and well, maybe running my feet off all over Ozark, Missouri wasn’t such a bad idea after all…

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