Lost Recipe book of the month on W television in Australia

Haven’t been the best blogger in the world lately.  Lots of work switching over to new computer, but once the job is done, things will be so much faster I can blog a lot more.  Look for upcoming posts on world building, plum jam, the Australian predilection for savory pumpkin, best breakfasts, and many others.

Now to the news of the day:

Some very nice news this morning (well, actually I’ve known for awhile, but had to wait for the official announcement to let you in in on it),   The Lost Recipe For Happiness is the W Network Pick of the Month.   At the end of the month, a discussion board will be opened, and you can talk about the book there. 

Check it out here:  http://www.wchannel.com.au/bookclub/default.aspx   You will also find discussion questions for book clubs there, and information about being a discussion leader should you so desire.

Yay! 🙂

And thanks to those who’ve sent mobile photos and news tidbits!   It’s shiveringly fun for me!

flickr creative commons photo by Artolog

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