11 thoughts on “Welcome to office, Mr Obama

  1. Me too! My eyes are heavy from crying in sheer happiness.

  2. Barb

    It just made me so proud of our country and gives me such hope for our country.

  3. Was watching from Ottawa … wonderful day indeed my friends! :~)

  4. Melina

    I’ve had to endure the constant negative comments of houseguests who keep referring to “the coronation”. Honestly, I love these folks, but we will never agree politically. So, I’ve been a closet cheerleader today. God bless the man and his family.

  5. Barbara

    Melina, so glad you could come here and celebrate! I love my family, but most of them would rather have had someone else.

  6. Amanda

    Fabulous glorious and hope inspiring, even as far as Sydney, Australia… what a day – I am so thrilled I am alive to see this day! Amanda

  7. Happy, happy day! All around Paris we were celebrating, wearing pins, watching on the big screen. I feel like skipping!!

  8. Liz V.

    I was glued to the TV the entire day. Alternated between tears and cheering.

  9. Deb Allen

    I got up at 3.30am to watch it live on the TV. Just great!

  10. Kim

    Oh, happy day! Oh, even happier week! President Obama (I get all tingly when I read the words) is really doing us proud. Go get, ’em!

  11. Barbara

    I wish my inlaws were alive. That’s what I keep thinking about–how many of my children’s ancestors are dancing in heaven? Doing jigs and reels.

    Of course he cannot be a perfect president, whatever that is. And we all have to work for the vision he’s inspired in all of us, but we are very, very lucky indeed to be able to participate in such an era, to be part of it.

    Kim, I still start laughing every time I think of it: President Obama. And Michelle, too. I’m so pleased for her.

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