A present on the second day of the year

I found a blue jay feather this morning when I walked the dogs.   Always a wonderment.    And if I ever get my pages done, my present to myself will be going to SlumDog Millionaire, which everyone is raving about. 

 LATER same day…. okay, so I only wrote three  two pages, but I went to the movie anyway.  It’s absolutely wonderful.   Fidelity and true love are so often dismissed in our cynical world, but it is a story that always, always works for me, and this movie tore my heart out of my chest.   It was the first time in ages and ages that I wanted to stay in the theater and not disturb the mood, and just let all those waves of emotion wash over me again and again.   WONDERFUL!

It also reminded me, as a writer, that true romance is very powerful stuff.  The most powerful of all.


2 thoughts on “A present on the second day of the year

  1. I really want to see that movie, but it’s nowhere around where I live now. I got spoiled living in movieland. Next trip to LA, I am going to try to take it in.

  2. Barbara

    Gina, it is so very good. I think you and Julie would both love it.

    All romance writers and readers would love it, I swear.

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