A contest to celebrate release day

The team fixed the comments function at BarbaraOneal.com, so I can post the happy news of a contest to celebrate the release day of The Lost Recipe for Happiness.   I am SO happy it is finally out!!  Special thanks to all of you who have been here with me, while I cooked and gnashed my teeth and tested recipes and ideas.  

I’ve put together two lovely, lovely packages, each with a cookbook–either the Santa Fe Cooking School,Win this basket! or Cafe Pasqual’s cookbook–chile infused chocolates, Mexican hot chocoate, and Chimayo chile powder specially ordered from the source, just outside of Elena’s home town of Espanola. 

We all love to talk about our favorite foods, and so do the characters in Lost Recipe.  I’ve posted some of mine at http://www.barbaraoneal.com/?p=102.   To be eligible to win, all you have to do is post some of your top favorite food memories, foodie moments, whatever, to the comments.  On Janurary 15, I will draw two names from those who have contributed, and will ship you the package.   (If you are outside the US, I am happy to send just the book, leaving out whatever might not make it by the customs patrol in your country.)  

Top Ten Favorite Foods

1. Root beer floats with my grandmother at the A&W Root Beer. The long spoons, the milky suds, the sugary brown crystals on top of the ice cream, and my grandmother across the table, telling a story.

2. Roast rabbit, in a very small southern Italian village. I was not about to eat something so cute and fluffy, something you could cuddle, but the woman serving us insisted that I would mourn forever if I didn’t try it. It arrived with chicory and mashed fava beans and red wine. The chicory was too bitter for my tastes, but the rabbit tasted like summer, like a sunny grassy field. Rich and deep, broad and salty, a flavor that fills your whole mouth….

Please come on over to  http://www.barbaraoneal.com/?p=102 and join the discussion by posting your food memories

2 thoughts on “A contest to celebrate release day

  1. Yvonne Erwin

    Good morning Barb!

    Have to tell you, I picked up a copy of “The Lost Recipe for Happiness” on December 30th, brought it home, poured a glass of wine, curled up on the couch and opened it up. Nobody heard a sound out of me for hours. I’m enjoying this book immensely and learning some things about cooking too.

    I love it, Barb! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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