I know there are a handful of readers here from India, though I think you are  mainly in Delhi.   Nonetheless, I thought of you when I heard the news of the terroist attacks.  Shocking and terrible.   Hope it’s resolved quickly. 


3 thoughts on “Mumbai

  1. Tapsi

    I’m in Delhi…and have enough relatives and friends in Bombay to be more than usually concerned. The news has been filtering in bit by little bit, over all of last night and during the day today and it becomes more and more horrifying. The personal experiences of the people there keep coming in, through the news and people we know…what do you do when put in this situation? Cant think about it anymore.

  2. My lotto shop lady has two sons and a daughter in law in Mumbai, visiting family. She’s beside herself with worry even though she has heard from them that they’re okay.

    It certainly is a terrible frightening time. Our National paper here ran a political cartoon, quoting Mahatma Ghandi:

    Victory attained by violence is tantamount to defeat: for it is momentary.

    Sobering stuff.

  3. Barbara

    Thanks for letting us know you are safe, Tapsi. May all of your friends and relations be safe, too. More prayers for a speedy resolution to all of this. It’s just horrifying and I’m so sorry.

    Yvonne, thanks for the quote. What I kept thinking today is “why do terrorist keep DOING this?” I know there is no answer, but that doesn’t keep me from asking it.

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