A soft sleep

My writer brain is a little bit sleepy the past few days–I did a ton of work over a couple of weeks, pages and pages and pages, enough that my wonky right thumb joint got cranky.   It seems I should post a blog about something, but it should be something worth reading.

The weather has turned cold.  There is snow on Pikes Peak.  I have a henna water design gracing my left hand, and I’ll be in San Diego and Encino this weekend.  If you’re in the area, come see me:

Sunday October 16
Barnes & Noble Encino
16461 Ventura Blvd

6 thoughts on “A soft sleep

  1. I’ve got the wonky right thumb joint, too. Isn’t it lovely? Must be a casualty of being a writer. I find I can no longer write by hand at all without flaring it up, which makes me quite sad. I am joined at the brain with my computer, though, so I manage quite well. Don’t usually have much trouble unless I’m doing repepetive edits or mousing a lot.

    Hope you have a great trip to Cali.

  2. My theory on the wonky thumb joint: the space bar. Do you ever hit it with your left thumb? Me, either.

    I keep saying I’m going to take off the space bar on that side and force myself to use the left, but I haven’t yet.

  3. Yvonne Erwin

    How I would love to be in San Diego and Encino this weekend and how I would love to come and see you. I find myself in a bit of a wonky position myself. Not so much my extremeties as it is my brain. I am afraid my friend that the thing is fried.

    I have been re-writing and re-writing one of my old, but favored, stories for quite some time now and it’s stretched and gnawed and yelled at me in the middle of the night and buffeted me until I am raw. And dry. Sapped.

    Ufta. That is the way of the work, yes.

    Tune up required. If my tune up were to be something in the way of a trip to California, I would be sooo pleased. I’m being pulled though, to a quiet afternoon of antiquing, peering at flea market treasures (who brought this thing here and what did it mean to them) and just in general, getting away from the computer for a few hours to wander around Springfield, Mo, absorbing October while it lasts because here, it does not last long. And I need it to last longer than it does.

    The leaves are turning here. We’ve had an interesting autumn, the first in awhile. Generally, autumn is spent in a whole week and then it’s back to summer before winter sets in. This year has been a little different and I am grateful. I’m loving the lower humidity, the cooler temps, the color I see all around me. This does not happen often in the Ozarks and I truly appreciate this time.

    And so, I’m taking this Friday off work as a vacation day. My big plan for my day? To observe, or maybe more to the point, to absorb. I’m having lunch with my dear friend, Lorie, and then I plan on simply wandering about, seeing what is happening on this great planet we call earth, or my little piece of it, here in Springfield, Mo.

    Don’t know if this is a soft sleep or not but it sure fits the bill for me.

    Love you, Barb. Talk to you later.

  4. Oh, Yvonne, that is a lovely post. Thank you. And enjoy your Friday and your autumn.

    I’ll be immersing in a little holiday with one of my very good friends, and will have a chance to see my son, too, so perhaps by the time I return I’ll be a little more alert.


  5. Yvonne Erwin

    Fabulous idea, Barb. Immerse and enjoy.

    I received one of those emails recently – you know, the kind you’re required to forward lest some horrible unspeakable thing happen to you and yours – but, this one turned out to be actually quite right on. One of the “requirements” was to stay connected with friends, always, no matter what. As I get older, that very thing becomes even more important to me. Therefore, I say, go and enjoy your time with your old friend and your son and in the meantime, I will enjoy my time with Lorie because I don’t get to see her enough and I love her dearly and miss her during the times I don’t see her.

    I expect I will come back from my time with her and my time away from the office feeling more like the person I know I am and I also believe I will come back to the work, more ready to tackle it than I have been of late. It’s fabulous work but it takes a hell of a lot out of you. Therefore, these days, the ones I am speaking of, become all that more important.

    Have a wonderful, relaxing, stimulating, invigorating time and I will see you and talk to you later on.

    Ciao, dear Barb!!

  6. Experimenting here to see if I use the left thumb for the space bar. Nope, I don’t. 🙂 Interestng theory. It’s probably another extension of the theory that we do everything “extra” with our right hand on computers. (Not sure about lefties.) The mousing, spacing, and the-thing-on-the-laptop-instead-of-a-mous-ing. I’ve been doing little writing and much clicking on UK sites for obvious reasons lately, and I think that’s why *my* thumb is wonky again this week. Whenever it happens, I take it as a sign that it’s time to get back to writing, because typing doesn’t seem to bother me at all, and even seems to relax and loosen up that joint … even if right hand spacing might have created it to begin with.

    Enough about thumbs. Ha ha.

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