If there are chiles, it must be September

Headed south to the Pueblo Chile and Frijole Festival today, where the air was filled with the dizzying scent of roasting chiles.   It made me swoon.  I ate the “original chile wrap,” for three dollars, which consisted of a freshly roasted green chile, unseeded, topped with some cheddar cheese, and wrapped in tortilla.  Muy bueno.  

Everywhere, they were roasting chiles.  There is nothing that smells like that, so dusky and sharp, catching in the back of your throat, filling your sinues.  It is a scent that goes with late summer, with harvest.

This little girl was too shy to have her photo taken alone:








There was also a powwow going on, adding a whole thick layer of color and music to the day.  We passed a bead stall on the way out:



So much color!


4 thoughts on “If there are chiles, it must be September

  1. Wow, those beads! Those colours! I think I’d have seen that stall and been incapable of moving any further 🙂

    The festival sounds wonderful.

  2. Carol

    Oh, this made me long for a trip to Santa Fe! I think the entire state of New Mexico smells like roasted chiles in September/October!

  3. Don’t you just want to swim in those beads??

    I think you’re right about the smell of New Mexico in the fall. It’s also a great time to visit because the heat has broken and the skies are amazing.

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