Heavenly day

Uluru is a place you have undoubtedly seen photos of.   That big red rock in the middle of the desert, where herds of wild camels roam through the outback, and the land isn’t even slightly barren, and our fair heroines rode a camel through the dawn.

(Only none of them will upload, so they’ll have to come later.   At last….here it is!)

It was a lark, rather foolishly expensive for what it was, a ride on a camel through the early morning, but worth every frivolous dime.  Jo and I were in the lead, on a gentle camel named Alice. Alice has very long eyelashes, which help keep the sand out of her eyes, but it really just makes them look pretty, too.  She wasn’t noisy, like Jack, who complained loudly when his people climbed on, or slightly shady, like the one right behind me who kept pretending he wanted to nuzzle but really wanted to get into my pockets.   The rocking motion, the very high view, the exotic pleasure of riding a camel! was worth every minute.

After breakfast, we headed out to the rock itself.  I walked around the base, a distance of about 11km, all told, and it took three hours because you really can’t stop yourself from pausing to shoot yet another angle of sage green against red against sky.   It was a long, quiet, meditative walk, and I’m genuinely sweaty for the first time in a month.  It was also the first time I’ve done a long walk on my own since the Avon walk, and  I realized that I missed it.  Maybe three hour solitary walks are not everyone else’s cup of tea, but the training this summer showed me that they really are mine.

Just now, it is raining, a heavenly thing in the desert, and I’m feeling quite mellow and delighted.   I’ll have a shower then nip out to see if I can find some supper.  Tomorrow we fly to Cairns, our next to the last stop.  Can I bear to leave this amazing country?


5 thoughts on “Heavenly day

  1. Mel

    Oh yay, you rode a camel. Feeling very jealous back here in Melbourne where it is grey and rainy. Hope the rest of your travels are just as wonderful.

  2. Amanda Reynolds-Smith

    How glorious! Can’t wait to hear (see!) your devine descriptions of the remainder of your travels… Amanda

  3. Tony

    Glad you rode the camels and didn’t fall prey to “That’s too expensive” or “I’ll save that for next time” — the weary traveler’s biggest mistake.

  4. Barbara, you really are a rain goddess, bringing it with you wherever you go. What a boon to a drought-stricken country. We may never let you leave…

  5. Hmm, rain goddess. Just as well, then, that you didn’t come to NZ this trip. We’ve had so much rain we have houses falling off the sides of hills due to slips and roads being closed and townships isolated. Seems to keep missing the hydro lakes though. Can’t figure that one out. Happy travels, Barbara!

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