Kangaroos and roast pumpkin pizza!

Writing from a clean and ordinary internet cafe two stops down from a backpacker cafe not far from the Flint Street station in Melbourne.  Haven’t had a chance to upload any of my own photos, but this one was taken last night from the Soul Mama Cafe on the bay in St Kilda–Mel, Freya, Chris, and Robin.  We had a blast.  I had one of the most intriguing dishes I’ve had here so far: roasted pumkin and feta pizza.  Yum!

Yesterday, Jo and I went up to the country, or out to the bush as they say around here, to see the new home of a local writer.  The house was lovely, the cats very happy to fill in for my cat-hunger, and then I met a border collie at a winery, who gave me a sad-eyed border collie cuddle to help alleviate dog-yearnings. 

The best thing was actually seeing kangaroos.  A mob in a field, so tall and smart and healthy looking, and then later, another group, which included a mother and her joey, who stuck his furry white head out and nibbled the grass from her pouch.   I have photos, but I think Jo shot some better ones of the mother.  They have such intelligent faces!

About Melbourne: this is a beautiful city.  It’s as if someone arranged it, carefully, so that you can view it from any direction or perspective, and it will be artistically pleasing.  Look this way and there is a triangle, then a dome, then an onion-shape, and a tree gracefully pointing out the contrasts.  Color and shape, gleaming modernity and graceful age, and the river and parks looping through, with the mountains ringing the distance and the bay, a thick line of dark blue in the distance.  

Not at all what I thought it would be somehow, but dealing with those expectations:  Melbourne feels very British in many ways, but also very European.  Cosmopolitan in the worldly sense, the global-city sense, very hip. I like it, in case you can’t tell. 

Now my minutes are ticking away, so I have to run before I lose my connection.  Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Kangaroos and roast pumpkin pizza!

  1. Jill

    Yes, I found some Australians a bit touchy on the whole “you’re more British than Americans” idea when I visited. Which is understandable. I don’t suppose we would appreciate a British person visiting the U.S. and saying “You’re so much more Canadian than we are.” 😉
    Of course, they are their own wonderful sweet selves, but with unique influences, we’ll say. One of which happens to be Great Britain.

  2. Hi, Barbara!

    I am so enjoying following your journey to Australia! Thanks for sharing it. Oh, man, you saw kangaroos. Can’t wait to see the photos.

    Hope your conference is going smashingly well!

    Mary Hershey

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