Cherry chocolate and vegemite

In the moment, I am sitting in the business center of the Langham Hotel in Melbourne.  Out in the lobby, someone is playing gliding piano music, and I can faintly hear the rush of the many fountains that divide the marble staircases.  Very elegant place, and very down to earth.

Two little food reports.  The wonderful Robyn sent up a package of assorted Aussie candy, and the cherry slice lasted exactly 16 minutes from the moment I spied it.  Yum! A thin layer of cherry jelly, then some coconut, and thin chocolate coating. 

At breakfast the first morning, I spied tiny jam-sized foil packets of Vegemite in the dish on the table, so I spread some on my buttered toast.  Not bad.  Honestly, I liked it and while I’m sure Marmite and Vegemite purists the world over will gasp in horror, they taste pretty much the same to me.

Yesterday was the big work day–I presented a voice workshop in the morning and a layering lusciousness workshop in the afternoon.  Jo & I went out for supper by the river and then dressed up as muses for the Harlequin costume party.  So much fun.  Perhaps Harlequin America should try a costume party one year–but I hope they’ll keep the dancing.

The light is beautiful this time of year, softly pink and quiet, which plays well with the office buildings and the shimmering river.  This morning, I captured this shot as we walked down to breakfast:










Now it’s time to rest again and dress up for the awards dinner tonight. 


5 thoughts on “Cherry chocolate and vegemite

  1. Amanda Reynolds-Smith

    Hello Barbara,

    A quick comment to thank you for your inspiration and the gifts of your wisdom and experience over the weekend.

    I was so very fortunate to attend all of your workshops in Melbourne and feel so motivated and, well, best of all, understand myself a little more than I did prior to Friday. I know this will benefit my writing immensely…

    Thank you seems so small… but, thank you… you have illuminated so much for me and I am eternally grateful!

    Warmest wishes…


  2. caro

    oh i am so very jealous of your adventure. have a great time. also violent crumble hmmm so good.

  3. On the Marmite vs. Vegemite debate, my feeling on the difference is that Marmite is slightly sweeter in flavour.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your Aussie adventures Barbara. Your Friday workshop and your talks over the weekend were pure gold. Thank you so much.

  4. Barbara,
    you’re an inspiration 🙂

    Was fabulous chatting to you in Melbourne.

    Nicola (the sleep deprived one!)

  5. barbara samuel

    Waving to all. Internet access has been very thin and really expensive, so I’m skipping through.

    More from Tassie…headed out there now

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