Christopher Robin’s (bloody) Adventure in Orienteering

CR ran the US Orienteering Champs in Wyoming this past weekend.   He prefaced this photo in email by saying, “remember, I lived.”   In the interest of those who might be having breakfast, I won’t post the photo here, but if you want to see him in his post-race gore and glory, check it out here:

He tangled with a tree, and it wasn’t even his control, and then ran a good 8 or 10 kilometers with the wound, to take 3rd for the two-day competition.   Bravo!

One thought on “Christopher Robin’s (bloody) Adventure in Orienteering

  1. Lee Duncan

    That’s gotta hurt! Now that he finished the race (he’s a far, far better man than I), does he let you give him lots of TLC?

    Sooo glad you have the blog site up again. I missed it so much!

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