The Lost Recipe for Happiness countdown begins

Coming December 30, 2008

In this sumptuous new novel, Barbara O’Neal offers readers a celebration of food, family, and love as a woman searches for the elusive ingredient we’re all hoping to find….


It’s the opportunity Elena Alvarez has been waiting for–the challenge of running her own kitchen in a world-class restaurant.  Haunted by an accident of which she was the lone survivor, Elena knows better than anyone how to defy the odds.  With her faithful dog Alvin and her grandmother’s recipes, Elena arrives in Colorado to fine a restaurant in as desperate need of a fresh start as she is–and a man whose passionate approach to food and life rivals her own.  Owner Julian Liswood is a name many people know, but a man few do.  He’s come to Aspen with a troubled teenage daughter and a dream of the kind of stability and love only a family can provide.  But for Elena, ghosts don’t die quietly, yet a chance to find happiness at last is worth the risk.

“As dark and deep and sweet as chocolate…I wanted to live in this book.”  Sarah Addison Allen

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