Your secret talents

One of those email questionaires has been making the rounds and a recent one asked, “What is your secret talent?”  One of my respondents (I will not out him/her unless s/he wishes to confess) answered, “Making other people sound good when they sing. ”  How is that for being able to spread happiness in the world?

Mine secret weapon is winning cake walks. If you ever really, really want that Black Forest Cake, I’m your girl. I once staggered home from the school carnival with three beauties–I still remember that one had coconut frosting.

How about you? What secret talent do you own?

3 thoughts on “Your secret talents

  1. Yvonne Erwin

    I don’t know about my talent and I have to wonder, whether it’s even a talent or simple bumbling. I’ll share it, albeit, pensively.

    I tend to walk around seemingly oblivious to my surroundings and what is going on underneath. Truth is, I generally know what is underneath and I always know what is going on around me. I never look like it though. I tend to sort of appear on the scene with some sort of helpful hint or method or word of encouragement or some thing that someone needs at that moment. Is that a talent? Maybe. I hope so. I’d like it to be, anyway.

  2. Scarlet

    Yvonne – your description of your talent sounds so very like Blackie Ryan of Andrew Greeley’s books. It is DEFINITELY a talent.

  3. Barbara

    Scarlet–we missed you! Nice to see you here.

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