I actually wrote this yesterday, Tuesday, but somehow put it in my drafts folder instead of the published folder.   Today is better still, after a massage yesterday afternoon (ouch!)

Also, a link to a few more photos from the walk

Yesterday, I was pleased  to realize my body felt okay.   A little weary, but that’s to be expected (especially given the week of travel before the walk itself).  Training works, as CR said.  Only sore muscles are on the front of my ankles and a little in my hamstrings.  Stretching also works.

I gave the dogs a short walk yesterday, which loosened things up a little, but afterward, I had to take a little nap.  Today, I gave them their full walk and an hour later, my arms are still shaky.  Still haven’t built the glycogen stores back up.  Honestly, I doubt it there would be so much fatigue if I were not also recoverying from a week of teaching very intensely. 

Luckily, the creative centers are firing happily and the girls sent up a really gorgeous bit of decoration for the MIP, one I hadn’t seen coming.   They really did just want to go sit on the beach that day, I guess.

I’m eating watermelon and drinking tons of water.  I have, however, seen enough of my pal Gatorade for a bit. 


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