California dreamin’…tidbits

Celebrity sighting today: John McCain, no more than 20 feet from the room where we were about to begin our memoir class.  He is very small.  I’m not sure why that surprised me so much, but it did. 

For those looking for the voice worksheet, find it here:

I’m blogging tomorrow (Wednesday) at Writer Unboxed.  A teaser:

“I am a person who has always been afraid.  My six year old self was so afraid of wrecked cars that it seemed I could hear a chorus of screams whenever we passed a junkyard.   This caused a lot of trouble in my family because we had to pass a junkyard on the way to picking my father up from work, and I would be hysterical about it before we ever arrived.  My father finally decided to address it by taking me to the junkyard and showing me there was nothing to worry about.  I clearly remember being carried into the area, all those cars smashed and wrecked, crumpled bumpers and shattered windows, and all that violence.   ” Read more…


Really happy week of teaching thus far.  I love the connection that forms with a circle of writers giving their all.  This is an excellent conference. 


The auction for the critiques is over.  Thank you all SO much for your generosity.  I’m well over the goal I set for the walk, and it is coming up on Saturday!  🙂 


I’m starting to look forward to a nice six-week stretch of just writing. The Girls in the Basement have been annoyed with me the past few days.  Every morning the shower, they say, “Today? Will you sit down and let us play today?”  I have promised them a couple of hours on the beach in the morning, with a big cup of coffee and the waves slapping on the sand, before many other people are around.


What have you done for the girls lately?


4 thoughts on “California dreamin’…tidbits

  1. Hmmm, my girls have locked themselves in the basement and they’re not coming out at the moment. Darn it. Not quite sure how to entice them back. Double darn it.

  2. Barbara

    Yvonne, what do they love more than anything? Movies? Cookies? A trip to the hobby store or reading?

  3. Good question, Barbara. They’ve indulged in some reading already this week but I think they were worried about workshops I’ve committed to give in the next few months. We’ve nutted out one of those workshops (bare bones of it anyway) and I think their anxiety has lifted a little. Now there’s just the small matter of coaxing them back out of the basement to help with a book due in five weeks. We can do it, one word at a time if necessary 🙂 .

  4. Barbara

    One word at a time will do it.

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