Texas and other amazements

I went to Texas this week for a cozy little retreat at a “bunkhouse” (a two-story 30’s beauty) on a ranch near San Antonio.    I made new friends, in a way I haven’t done for a long time.  I fell in love with a house, and an old man who already has a great wife and way too much to do.  Photos to come.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it justice, but you must come back to hear the stories.

Texas is beautiful and dangerous.  I have ant bites on my toes (maybe fire ants) but it was still worth it.

8 thoughts on “Texas and other amazements

  1. skay

    Glad you enjoyed the stay in Texas. Hope you come back when it’s cooler.

  2. Can’t wait to see the pix!
    I nominated your blog for an award! Check it out at SlaveToRomance@blogspot.com

  3. Yvonne Erwin

    There is just something about Texas – is it the bigness? What? I love it too. I’ve not been as far south as you were but I can tell you that I absolutely feel BIG when I’m there.

    Everything’s bigger in Texas. That’s what they say and I believe it.

  4. Hi – I’ve popped over from Dara’s blog. Just in time to wonder what fire ant bites could feel like.

  5. Thanks, Dara! What a surprise.

    And Julia, I keep thinking the bites must not be fire ants because they really don’t hurt that much. Fire ants are nasty, nasty creatures and just the name is terrifying, isn’t it? But I never had a bunch of ant swarm my foot and bite my toes twelve times in three seconds before this, either, so maybe they are. Not a place for open-toed shoes.

  6. Hey, I live in Texas and *I’m* jealous of the bunkhouse experience! Can’t wait to see pics.

    I’ve never had fire ant bites, that I know of, but I’ve heard they are horrible. I wonder if certain people are allergic to them and others not, which makes all the difference. Hmm.

  7. Wow Barbara, didn’t know you were coming down to our neck of the woods! My hubby and I adore San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. Fire ant bites hurt like hell, and they leave a little blister-like bump, often with pus is it (yuk, I know). But if the bumps are just red and smaller, they are probably just ordinary red ants, which hurt when they bite but don’t leave an infected looking bump. They should heal pretty fast though.

    Glad you had a good trip to the Lone Star State!

  8. I’m way behind–but yes, you Texans, your world is fantastic and I’m very haunted. The bites were a serious annoyance yesterday after a hike, but I’ll live. (REALLY itchy and they did get swollen, but someone told me to but antibiotic cream on them, and it worked. Finally.)

    I haven’t posted pics yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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