A scramble of tidbits….or something like that

I will admit it: I am drinking beer.  Not even fancy beer.  Ordinary, American lite beer from a bottle, which is definitely in my top twenty favorite things.  Not American, necessarily, just beer in general.

Walked 19.5 miles today, on my training quest.  Highest mileage so far, and I weirdly enjoyed it.   (I am, however, paying for it right this minute.  Little ows, here and there.  It was a little cold today and I was underdressed.)   This trail goes right through the middle of my childhood-looping beside the place where we rode our bikes, where I walked to elementary school, down through the park where I had clandestine meetings with the boy I was not allowed to see, and then by the apartment block where my parents lived when I was a baby.

So, the brain is gone and I have only random things to offer.

Best movie this week: Away From Her, which I expected to be wretchedly depressing and is the exact opposite.  Beautiful love story.

Best book I’ve read this month:  Belong to Me, by Marisa de los Santos.   Charming and rich and wonderful.  Don’t miss it.

Best news I’ve heard in awhile: my friend Jo Beverley made the New York Times top ten for the first time this month.  And then she stayed on the list for FOUR weeks, thus far.

2 thoughts on “A scramble of tidbits….or something like that

  1. Leslie Robin

    I just finished Lady Luck and now I’m onto the Kitchen Godesses. God I love your books…Keep em coming

  2. Welcome, Leslie. So glad you enjoyed the books!

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