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red pepper

Both HB and Gail have talked about photos of the day. Last night, scouring the cupboards for something to prepare for supper, I came up with a few eggs, some cheese and these beautiful peppers. The insides and the color gave me a rush of purely sensual, cave-woman pleasure after a long day inside my own head.

A few days ago, I told CR about my friend who liked getting flowers from her boyfriend, but didn’t much like the flowers he chose every time. CR must have decided I should have flowers, too, since he brought home a beautiful pot of tulips that very afternoon. (He is a fine flower-chooser. When I was struggling with the book that will be published next spring (previously COOKING FOR THE DEAD) it was an orchid, blooming deep luscious pink, and the name of it was Julian, the same name as one of the main protaganists. Another time it was a braided money tree, that is now scraping the 10 foot ceiling in the dining room.)

This morning, watering the tulips he brought the other day, I noticed how beautiful they looked in a band of sunshine:

pink tulips in sunlight

And wondrously amazing up close, all vivid seduction, silky and powdered:

heart of a tulip

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “In pursuit of the daily business of living

  1. Yvonne Erwin

    I adore tulips! It is not unusual to find a bouquet of six or seven of the deep orange with the yellow tips on my desk at work or at home on my coffee table, stuffed into the white iron stone pitcher my dear friend, Lorie, and I found one weekend at an antique store. There is so much pleasure and inspiration for me in cut flowers. “Why do you want something that just dies”, my friends ask. Oh, if they only got it. It’s on the same list of importance that good food and wine and laughter is for me…In the summertime, it will be sunflowers. Can’t help myself, the more the merrier, and I generally over indulge when sunflowers are in bloom. That reminds me, our Farmers Market will open tomorrow morning. Guess who will be there. Oh yeah, dahling, that would be moi, traipsing around in my flip flops and my sunglasses and picking up any pleasing bloom (or vegetable) I encounter.

    Okay, so, I and my friend, also named Gail, were out and about on our noon hour and we decided to stop by a flower stand and take a gander. We gandered alright. Gail bought some lavender plants and a solar cat for her courtyard. I sort of dug that solar cat but I didn’t get one. That might have been a mistake. I have no couryard, can only dream of one, but out I went with an armload of heliotrope (can you resist that aroma) and lantana of every color. We were enchanted while we were at the flower stand, simply enchanted. This is the business of living for me. Dump those words out on paper, drink in the beauty of fresh cut flowers in a jug, drink a little wine, eat some delicious food and laugh a whole lot.

    If only that 8-5 didn’t interfere….messes up my whole day…enh.

  2. Yvonne, thanks for that post. Cut flowers are never a waste. Beauty is nourishing and full of hope.

  3. Haha, yep, that ole 8 to 5 really does get in the way of an abundant life, doesn’t it?

    Gorgeous photos Barbara. I can just taste those red peppers. Your composition is always so pleasing to the eye. I really notice that in photos. Took a few pictures this weekend on a little college trip with our son, but was only slightly happy with the results. I need to work on seeing with a different eye. Hubby worked with me some on how to get the right angle, what to look for, and so on. I’m just beginning, but I’m so inspired by photos like yours. I love close pictures of small ordinary things that become art when captured with the right light at the right moment.

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