29 miles this week

A little late getting my log up this week.  Really busy day yesterday.   Finally managed to get two, back-to-back long walks in, one Saturday at 12 miles, one Sunday at around 6, a good hard climbing hike with my friend Renate.   We haven’t been able to hike much this winter and it was fantastic. The Saturday walk allowed me to work out some snags in the current plot and I’m feeling very happy about the book this morning.  Sisters are hard because I have sisters.  You think that would make it easier, wouldn’t you?  It is fun, but it’s also challenging.   

Miles this week: 29.5.   And to my great amazement, I lost weight, even eating a lot and drinking beer with my friends.

On the Ipod:  On the way out, the exercise loop, which I should post if I ever find time.  Some of you might like it, too.   On the way back, it was all Patty Griffin, which lodged a couple of brilliant lines in my head: “Even I’m getting tired of useless desires,” and “Things I’ve done, I can never undo.”  And my favorite song of the moment about a trapeze girl: she came to the show on the back of a horse, just seventeen and already divorced.”  Also, considering it was the anniversary of MLK’s death, I liked singing along with Up to the Mountain.  

Snacks: Gu, a Luna bar, and one orange.  Gu works, man.  It just does.

The pitch: I have committed to raising $2500 by June.  I’m 21% of the way there.

It isn’t a sponsorship, but direct donations to each walker’s tally. The money goes to many areas of assistance to breast cancer patients and their families–for example, helping provide screening and care for women who are under- or uninsured, a cause about which I am passionate. You can see my tally and goals here.     Or if you feel moved to donate, you can do so, here.

The disclaimer: We all have things we care about and no one can give to everything, in time or money.

2 thoughts on “29 miles this week

  1. caro

    i am in awe of you for walking that much. seriously way to go.

  2. thanks, kiddo

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