The ever-thoughtful  Val has a food blog devoted to local eating.  One of her recent posts discusses cooking from scratch, and I know there are lots of reasons people don’t do it, but one reason is feeling overwhelmed by the time it might take or simply not knowing how to cook.   That’s a good reason to love vegetables, and in honor of spring, one favorite.

Fresh asparagus were 10 lbs for $10 at the grocery store today.   I nabbed a couple of big bunches, and this is what’s fantastic:

So easy.  Cut off some of the woody stem, lay them neatly in a glass bowl with about a tablespoon of water, salt with big fat grains of kosher salt, and cover. Steam in microwave for 3 minutes (maybe not so long at lower altitudes) et VOILA!

So good.  Serving them with pasta I brought home from Italy (sort of the opposite of local, but handmade and lovely and I did buy it on site) drizzled with olive oil and a little parmesan cheese.

3 thoughts on “Asparagus

  1. 10 lb for 10 bucks! Now THAT’S a bargain. Another tip–drizzle a little melted butter and lime juice over steamed asparagus, it really makes it pop. But then I’m of the opinion that everything tastes better with lime juice

  2. Hey, Sister B! Thanks for the call-out and the link! I didn’t know you had a blog — I must add you to my blog reader!

    I am SO ready for asparagus season. I go out every day and look at my two asparagus beds and heave a small sigh. I love winter, but spring sometimes seems to take so long to get here.

  3. Yvonne Erwin

    Yum, YUM! How do you feel about cherry tomatoes, drizzled in olive oil, kosher salt, pepper and fresh basil and then slipped into a hot oven for 15-20 minutes….wow. Delish.

    That made me hungry.

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