A flower to start the spring

yellow tulip

It has been amazingly cold here. I’m contenting myself with forced bulbs over the kitchen sink. This is one given away at the home show last weekend. Such a lovely color. The sunlight helps me remember that it will eventually be real spring, and I’m posting it to help you remember it will be spring in your world, too. A cold blustery March is trying! I haven’t even been able to get out and train much at all. The dogs and I rush out, shiver and chatter in 40 mph winds, then rush back to the warmth to read. Well, I’m rushing to read. They don’t, really, seem to care much about the wind and cold.

For locals: I’m teaching a three hour voice workshop tomorrow at Cottonwood Artist School, at 10 am. Cost is $25, and some of us will have a late lunch afterward. Join us. I’m sure we’ll be laughing and thinking.

4 thoughts on “A flower to start the spring

  1. cactusrose

    LOVE the new design!!Clean lines, tidy arrangements and many good links. Nicely done, HB!

  2. Barbara, that photo is just beautiful, thank you for sharing. Here in New Zealand we’re just at the beginning of autumn, time to put in those bulbs soon, and where I live the leaves aren’t even starting to turn yet. While autumn is my favourite season, I love the flowers of spring and in particular tulips. For me nothing beats their simplicity and elegance.

  3. Mel

    Love the new design. We’re having a very determined Indian summer with temps meant to be 30+ all week. In mid March. At least we get nice cool evenings and mornings despite the hot days.

  4. Thanks everyone. HB did a great job on the redesign and there are a lot of features that are easier for me behind the scenes. A few glitches yet, but we’ll fix them.

    Mel, cool evenings make all the difference, don’t they?

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