Class update–girls in the basement

There is still plenty of room in the Girls in the Basement class.  This is very nurturing, creatively freeing course.  If you are floundering because of too much external feedback, or a lack of direction, or you simply feel creatively worn out, this is a good way to connect back to your own "girls in the basement," and write more productively and happily.

From the syllabus:

“If you don’t write your books, they might not ever get written.” Madeline l’Engle.

There are a great many how-to-write courses and many great teachers of how to write a novel. This is not one of them. The Care and Feeding of the Girls in the Basement
is meant to help inspire and encourage you, to help you learn (or
remember) how to nurture your creative spirit. It’s a chance to renew
your joy, tap into the original delight you once felt for writing, and
make a powerful commitment to yourself and your writing. We’ll draw
from several texts, including The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron; Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarrissa Pinkola Estes, and Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg, among others.

Class starts March 1, so hurry!  Read more about the class here.

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