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I’ve been trying to figure out all week how to set up a little icon for this, but programing is not my strong point, so let me just make my announcement:

I’m walking in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk this year.  It is 39 miles–26 on Saturday, and 13 on Sunday.  I wouldn’t be nervous about the first half, since I’ve walked that far in the past, but the second day is a teeny bit daunting. 

Still.  Walking is what I can do, and I’ve wanted to participate for several years.   This year, I made the leap and sent in my registration.   Every walker must make a commitment to raise a substantial sum, and that’s why I’m announcing it here.  I hope some of you will be game to donate, and maybe together we can raise a really juicy sum, in the name of our friends and siblings and relatives, and most especially, our daughters, granddaughters and all the others in the future who WON’T get this disease if we can figure out a way to get rid of it forever.

Once a week or so, I’ll post a note about my progress and the sum we’ve raised together.   I will be offering some prizes (yet to be decided).  Perhaps you work in an office or have a book group and can take up a one-time collection and I can send a set of autographed books to you to distribute.

I also know that it isn’t always possible to donate anything, so cheerleading will be much appreciated, too.

There are walks in many cities around the country.   For more information, go to Avon Walk.

To make a donation to my walk click here


PS  If anyone can help me figure out how to make an icon with a link to the donation site, I would be very grateful. 

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