Friday artist date

Fridays, on the new, improved schedule, are for artist dates.   This gloomy, crackling cold morning (it has been well below zero at night), I am going to go to yoga class, even though my muscles are still sore from Tuesday.  Then out to find some new cooking tools: a zester, which I do not have and really want; a heavy, midsize saucepan, which I do have but want a better one; and a new grater.  I gave one away in a fit of generosity, and it was the wrong. 

Then Whole Foods.   There were alluring recipes in Oprah this month–I want to try the clear broth with kaffir lime leaves and chiles, and some gingerbread cookies that look plainly sinful. I had to scrap the developing book (a blog for another day–trust me, it was the right decision) and am puttering around while the right one brews.  Cooking seems to be absolutely required for that process somehow.

I might go see Juno, but honestly, I’m not much in the mood for passive watching. I want to DO something.

Any cooking going on in your world? Cooking up books? Artist date planned any time soon?

4 thoughts on “Friday artist date

  1. I’ve been doing TAW. Started right before Christmas, stopped, and getting back into it this week, but so far no artist dates. I feel uninspired about them. But maybe tonight I’ll collage a candle for my WIP.

    Juno is wonderful and you should definitely see it whenever. A perfect story.

  2. caro

    I’m thinking of making a pie this weekend and doing some sewing.

    Also I am totally bummed that I didn’t eat the tamales you made over Christmas, what was I thinking?

  3. The clear soup with kaffir lime leaves and chilis sounds delicious. Reminds me of this clear soup we used to get at a Thai/Vietnamese lunch bar. Lunch always started with a small bowl of this clear tangy soup that was absolute ambrosia.
    I’m going to lunch-and-a-meeting today with the people planning the Melbourne conference you’ll be speaking at in August. The coordinator’s just had a birthday, so I baked this flourless chocolate cake from a recipe I found in a food blog. I hope it’s as yummy as it looks.

  4. Gina, if you’re uninspired by artist dates, choose things that will inspire you. Shift focus.

    Caro, the cilatro tamales were inedible. I threw them away. 🙂 The chile and cheese were fairly good, but I think we just had so much to eat around there that the tamales never came out of the freezer.

    Anne, that cake sounds delicious! I found the keffir leaves and will try the soup today. It’s a good day for the smell of soup bubbling away on the stove while I write.

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