Post holiday crash

Is anyone else as tired as I am?  I’ve been getting my work done in the mornings, but then I’m just demolished for the day.   It’s the great rush of activity catching up with me, and I’ll be better by Monday, but till then….whew!

I’m watching movies, mainly.  Finished rewatching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which I’ve seen many times.  Treated myself Wednesday to PS I LOVE YOU (five big fat stars from me–really a lovely romantic story with a terrific grace note).  Last night, it was…hmmm.  I can’t remember.   Today, I’m headed out to see Atonement, which I’ve been waiting for for ages.

The new proposal is just about finished, finally.  It seemed to take its sweet time, but they do sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Post holiday crash

  1. We’ve made the movie rounds ourselves in the last week or so. P.S. I Love You was really cute, I thought, too. I loved Harry Connick, Jr.’s part. But the guy who played Denny on Grey’s Anatomy–I wanted to see a lot more of him! 🙂

    Going to Atonement this weekend, too. Don’t miss Juno (I’m thinking you might have seen that one already?) and don’t forget to queue up Once on Netflix! Got the DVD for Christmas and there’s a flaw and it won’t play all the way and we haven’t gone to trade it yet.

    And I still feel like my body’s on vacation, too, even though the kids and hubby went back to work two days ago. Bleh! I did delve back into the WIP late last night, though.

  2. Julie, I forgot I want to see Juno. And I am SO with you on Denny/Irish guy (William?). He’s a solid, mature man, and those gorgeous eyes!

    I do have Once in the queue. Thanks.

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