Friday night special dinner

Gotta love the food internet. The weather is so lusciously moody and foggy and now snowy (hooray!!) that I couldn’t resist the urge to cook and cook and cook.  Last night’s menu:

Roasted Garlic Soup
Yogurt Biscuits
Wine-Braised Pears

Happily, I found the exact recipe I’d been longing for–it was at an  Emeril restaurant and I found the recipe here.  I also made the chicken stock from scratch, though I used skinned chicken thighs in place of chicken bones. Deep, rich flavor.  I’m going to make another batch today for my tamales.

The crowning delight were the poires roties avec syrop de vin rouge, which I found on a food blog that’s an absolute delight to read, Ms. Glaze’s Pommes d’Amour.  Her photograph is ever so much more beautiful than mine, but I must say they were fantastically delicious and very easy and so pretty to serve!   

CR has been pining for duck tamales, so I’m going to spend this snowy weekend making a big batch to freeze, along with my own favorite traditional tamales, and a couple of experiments for the vegetarians coming to visit over Christmas. A cilantro-green onion sauce with almonds looks promising.  We’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Friday night special dinner

  1. Everything sounds amazing. If I had a tad more garlic in my basket–and if it weren’t raining ice–I’d make the soup tonight. But make it I will, and soon! Thanks, Barbara!

  2. I love garlic. I’m going to try that recipe. (Hopefully almond milk instead of heavy cream won’t spoil it too much?)

    You made me hungry!

  3. Yippee! I’m so glad the pears worked for you! Only, why is your pear lopsided? Did you cut the bottom off crooked? Love your blog. Bises, Ms. Glaze

  4. Huh. Thought I replied to this already….but really cool that you came by. I adore your blog and in my next life will be a chef and musician. Or a blues cook. Or something.

    And yes, I cut the pears rather haphazardly. Much prettier if I cut it properly

  5. Let me know how the almond milk works.

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