Green week

NBC is doing something interesting this week:  it’s Green Week, and everything is about going green.  I’m loving all the little tips they’re giving the audience.   The local news station has done bits on a business using entirely solar panels and how to cut down your electric bill.   Biggest Loser had tips throughout the show.

A good thing, and I’m learning new things.  The easiest ones for me:

Going vegetarian once or twice a week
Unplugging appliances that are not in use
Replacing incandescent light bulbs with flourescent (I resisted, because I’m a lighting fanatic.  I hate harsh light, but so far haven’t notice a lot of difference.  I’m hoping to find bulbs with yellow or rose tones–they must exist)
Recycling everything.  Once there’s a system in place, it’s not that difficult.

What are your fast & easy tips?

3 thoughts on “Green week

  1. Christine

    I also really wish they would make some warm-toned fluoro globes. Those lurid greeny ones really bring me down. If they don’t do something about it, I am going to start stockpiling my beloved tungsten ones for when they are no longer available (Australia). I know this is not in the spirit of ‘green’, but as I am a nut about the whole recycling, environment-friendly stuff, I am hoping I have enough excess brownie points to allow for the tungstens!

  2. Mel

    They do have various tones in the compact fluorescents in Oz, Christine…at least one brand does (maybe Phillips?) You can get bright white (daylight) or warmer ones. Not sure if there’s two or three tones.

    I’ve definitely got a couple of different toned ones…and the warm ones in the compacts tend to be yellowish, not green like the big ones.

    Cleaning the house and washing dishes and clothes with more natural products – low sodium, low phosphate at the least is the other easy one.

  3. Good ones, Mel. Washing windows with vinegar. Cleaning the fridge with baking soda.

    In sunny Colorado, solar panels would be the best idea ever, and I’d like to get there eventually.

    Christine, that’s a good point, too. Practing green is like exercise–every little bit helps and no one expects anyone to be perfect.

    I’m struggling with a very deep desire to build a plant table in my dining room. Shelves and full spectrum plant lights for my exotic bloomers. Not very environmentally sound from the electrics perspective (though they are flourescents) but what measure the oxygen and good plant vibes and my own joy filling the day?

    And a guy we know has the most magnificent “creek bed” aquariums, filled with running streams and little frogs. I love them and have never wanted an aquarium in my life. (Never mind the goldfish that lived to be 12 (12!) years old.)

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