Night of Fire

In honor of the Italian sojourn, a couple of books that came up during conversations there.  The first is one of my favorites of my own books, NIGHT OF FIRE.  This is the review it was given by Romantic Times magazine:

Though widowed Cassandra St. Ives has vowed never to love
again. She has been involved in a spirited correspondence with an
Italian, Count Basilio Montevarchi.

Both believe the other to be
middle-aged and therefore safe. So when Basilio invites Cassandra to
visit his home in Tuscany she gladly accepts.

Though both are astonished to discover the other is far from
old, the real surprise, however, is their immediate and heated
attraction. Theyre just what each other needed, bringing out the best
in one another and rekindling a joy in life they had both forgotten.

But Basilio is engaged and honor-bound to go through with the marriage
to an unhappy Analise while a distraught Cassandra returns home.
Basilio and Analise come to England where Analise confides to Cassandra
that her desire to become a nun has kept her chaste.

How they all extricate themselves from this tangled triangle is what
makes NIGHT OF FIRE such a fascinating read. Intelligent, sophisticated
and with a high degree of always smoldering sensuality, where youre
just waiting for their passion to erupt, this is the take me away book
of the season. VERY SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $5.99)

Kathe Robin

This is the absolutely abysmal cover it came out with:

This is the sort of cover it should have had:


You can only order out of print copies of it (though I have plans afoot on this front), but you can find some here.

I’ll talk about the other one, NO PLACE LIKE HOME, another day.  Also Italian, but modern and American-Italian, though I swear places in Pueblo could just be transported right to Naples. I swear it.

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2 thoughts on “Night of Fire

  1. Denise

    Oohhh, Night of Fire remains one of my favorites of yours, probably second only to Meant to Be Married. And I have no complaints about the cover. The model certainly looks better than the one on Rio Grande Wedding!

  2. LOL! You’re right. Rio Grande wedding is by far the worst cover ever. Not to mention a really lame title.

    NoF does have the distinction of being on a list for “broke back covers” on Amazon somewhere. Personal taste–covers like this just don’t say anything to help me to distinguish what I’d like about a particular romance novel. This one is about poets in Tuscany, but you’d never know.

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