Shadows and light and cactus

Matera is visually stunning, and I’ll post a more in-depth post about the town in a day or two (I have a conference this weekend–going to study, not teach, for a little change) but here are a few photos to show you what I mean.   (Don’t forget, you can click on them to enlarge for best effect.)


Late afternoon. This is my favorite. 


Those walls.  That blue.  Simple.   I wish I could learn to be less baroque in my furnishings sometimes.


This doorway captured me every time we passed it.  So old and so many exquisite details.  The face. The broken spokes, the plant growing at the arch, the fall of light.


Prickly pears.  The hillside below our hotel was filled with them. Giant cactus, as tall as trees, broad as a car.

Come back to hear a tale of pale dogs and another of the English countryside and the ghosts who ambushed me at Dover castle. (I was jittery for two hours afterward.)

One thought on “Shadows and light and cactus

  1. What a lovely old doorway. Very intriguing with its weathered doors and crumbling arch. The stories it could tell!

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