Small journal disaster

Somehow, probably on the train from Bari to Rome, I lost my travel journal.  This is slightly sad because I had many good notes in there about both the trip and the brewing book; it is not a huge disaster because I never carry anything but a fresh notebook on a trip (for just this reason).  Also, I had blogged notes to that point, and (being compulsive) also carry a very small, sturdy notebook in my camera case which is largely the net for my scribbled notes as we wander.

Still, I am hoping someone found it, will read the plea inside the front cover ("This is a private journal and of no use to anyone but the author.  Please return to me at this address and I’ll send you $50) and one day I will open my mailbox to find a package from Italy.

Totally jetlagged here today, but home safely and Boy #2 really took great care of cats and dogs and house.

Look for illustrations and more travel notes in the next week.

4 thoughts on “Small journal disaster

  1. andylynne

    I hope you get your journal back, sounds as if your trip was beautiful and that after some rest and time adjustment you will relive the trip with pleasure. Good to hear the animals were well taken care of. I’ve had animal care disasters they are no fun. Can’t wait to hear about Rome, since reading Beach Music I have had a curiosity about that city.

  2. Denise

    Saying a prayer that your journal finds its way home, like lost luggage, and so glad you have backups of a sort. If that is the worst thing that happened, it was a good trip. Glad you’re back, safe and sound. Looking forward to your post-trip posts.

  3. I hope someone has found your journal and that it is already on its way back to you. I carry a journal with me whenever I travel and would be absolutely heartbroken were I to lose it.

  4. I”m sure the good thoughts will help it wend it’s way back home.

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