Dashing through the forest.


Another Orange yesterday.   The terrain was quite different–lots of meadows with thigh-high grasses.  I’ve never wished for gaiters before, but they would have saved a lot of annoyance yesterday.  My socks bristled with seeds by the end of the course.

I finished again.  Very slow, again, but I’m still very happy.  I was actually able to jog most of it, even in those uneven fields, and my knee is fine this morning.  I feel like a million bucks, honestly. 

Orienteering makes me think of my days as a Girl Scout.  I was a fanatic for badges.  The Sign of the Arrow and The Sign of the Star, plus all the little round ones.  I’d get one for orienteering now.   And well, I’d certainly get one for cooking this past winter.  Growing dahlias. 

I’m making fun of myself now because I know some of you must be scratching your heads thinking, "WHY would she DO this?"   But every time I find a control, I feel like I won the lottery.  I come home scratched and tanned and grimy and feel ten feet tall.   My brain loves it, and my body loves it, and it matters not at all to me if I’m faster than someone else or the slowest one of all (which I was last week).

Happy Sunday!

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