Dahlia season

I suppose I should create a category for Garden, since I do seem to post flower pictures so often.   I just like growing flowers.  And taking pictures of them.  This morning is a very good example of why:  I fell prey to some sharp brief virus the past few days and this morning woke up feeling like myself again.   It’s cool and softly breezy in Colorado Springs, so I sent CR off to work and puttered out to water the pots on my patio.  The dogs and I wandered around, sticking fingers and noses into the soil.  I deadheaded while they made sure no marauding aliens came over the fence.  Then we went to the front yard and the first dahlia of the season was in wild blossom.  So I took a thousand pictures of it, and other things, and now I’m sharing my favorite with you.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I planted many, many dahlias this year.  They all have buds.   It’s a dahlias and poppy year.   

What’s in your garden right now?

8 thoughts on “Dahlia season

  1. Mel

    My garden is full of Hibiscus, Roses, Gardenia bushes, Lantana, and wildflowers. It’s beautiful right now. I love sitting on my front porch and soaking up the beauty that all my hard work produced.

  2. Denise

    I love dahlias and haven’t had any for years. Volunteer sunflowers and purple coneflowers are about all that left now. And some hollyhocks, which are past their prime, but still pretty. They were stunning colors this year…from light pinks to deep reds, and the colors were deeper the more water they received. Oh, almost forgot, the zinnias I bought for half off a few weeks ago are beautiful too, reds and oranges.

    I think the shasta daisies and red hot poker are done for the season.

    My spring flowers…columbines, lupines, painted daisies,bleeding hearts,cornflowers(bachelor buttons), oriental lilies, blue flax and johnny jump ups are all gone, of course.

    I love flowers and can’t imagine life without them. I can’t resist taking pictures of them either, especially the columbine. It is such a graceful flower that just begs to have its picture taken the day it opens up. I must have about 1500 flower pics from this year alone.

    Thanks for sharing the dahlia.

  3. Peggy

    Gorgeous Barbara!
    I have dahlias in my yard too, but they aren’t doing very well I’m afraid. When we first planted them in June they were a delicious pink, they’ve lost their vibrance because we haven’t had a lot of rain this summer. Watering just doesn’t seem to make up for the lack of it.

    Thanks for sharing – I love the color!

  4. One of these years, I’m going to plant 100 dahlia bulbs, I swear it.

  5. Our seasons are reversed, so I have some different things in bloom for winter at the moment:) Beautiful pink and two-toned camellias are blossoming, and the daphne is wafting her to-die-for scent across the path. Daffodils bulbs are also in bloom.
    The rhododendrons (which I love because they remind me of the Annapurna range in Nepal) are ready to flower in the next month or so and always put on a spectacular display.
    Happy gardening!

  6. No flowers in my yard right now, besides my poor neglected perennials, but I do have many different kinds of maters! Mortgage Lifter, Garden Peach (lovely, delicate flavor), Big Zebra, Brandywine & Black Brandywine, Sweet Cherry 100, along with regular and cinnamon basil. I did post some dahlia pics from last summer on my blog, I must admit I bought the flowers from the local farmer’s market!

  7. I peeked at the photos, Elena, and saw the tribute to Goddesses. XOXOX 🙂

  8. Every word true, Barbara! Goddesses is a book that will be on my bookshelf wherever I am for the rest of my life. Can’t WAIT for the new one–with “my” name in it! Names are so influential, I look forward to experiencing the character.

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