The Not Writing Time

Or, mostly I’m still just going to yoga and sitting on the back porch reading novels and eating watermelon.

Writing:  I haven’t been blogging about writing because I haven’t been writing.   So to speak.  The past couple of weeks have been engaged in various business things. Elena and Co will be out in about a year (or so).  I know, I know.  It’s long.  But that’s the way it goes sometimes.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a novella for Harlequin, and playing with the Four Inspired on a new paranormal collection that’s turning out to be a lot of fun.  I’ve been catching up on emails and conducting a couple of classes.  I’ve been reading a lot, which counts as work for any writer.   

Cooking:  I have thought about cooking, but it’s been hot and all I’ve been eating is watermelon.  Yesterday, I felt slightly inspired and attempted some chile-spiced crepes with chicken and goat cheese.  The crepes were lovely, once I got the hang of the pan (and what is a crepe but a pancake?) but the mixture inside wasn’t as appealing as I’d hoped.  It needs something else…maybe pine nuts.  Or some sharp cold vegetable.  Not sure.   We ate the crepes alone with a tomato salad.

Mainly, though, I have to say I’ve been eating watermelon.  It’s good.  It’s cool.  It’s sweet.

Photos:  I have been shooting photos, because there are no words in photos and pictures.  It’s quite rejuvenating.   Here are some of my garden. 


St. Francis and the Begonia.   I love the little tear on the begonia petal.


I didn’t grow lavender last year, but it is one of my very favorite scents and I like to look at it, too.   I love to hang lavender wands in my closet and let the buds fall off into things.  A surprise waft of scent when I put it on.


This one just felt calm and still, like a perfect moment of meditation.

Eventually, the hustle and bustle will begin again.  For now, I’m enjoying the respite. 

3 thoughts on “The Not Writing Time

  1. Barbara
    On the Four Inspired novella you are working on…does the publisher give you a theme and guidelines to work within? Or do you (meaning the group) decide what you work on?

  2. With the four inspired, we decided, but it more generally comes from the publisher.

  3. Lovely photos. Nice viewing images of yours before heading back into my own!

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