Desktop wanderings

I’ve had the luxury of time to read some of my favorite blogs.  Here are two you really must check out:

A Wandering Woman Writes From Spain, subtitled: A little voice told me to quit eht big city corporate gig and wander off to Spain.  I listened and these are my adventures.   

Her blog is filled with little tidbits of beauty, including photographs like this one, which just took my breath away:

Another place I like to visit is not far at all from Christopher Robin’s mum in Kent, a gentle-spirited blogger who has a wonderful eye:

Anke:Royal Tunbridge Wells  subtitled: A day away from Tunbridge Wells is a day wasted.   He, too, posts the most wonderful photos of his place.  This is one that speaks to me of The Green Man:


That should spell you a little if you’re stuck at work this fabulous May morning.   Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Desktop wanderings

  1. gale

    Barbara, thank you so much for sharing these blogs. I am about to get my blog up and running in time to post my own wanderings around this globe. Cheers and aloha to you, gale

  2. Wandering around the globe, Gale? Oh, please do let us know where you are blogging.

  3. Wow, you read my blog, that’s made my day. I’m absolutely chuffed.
    I’m enjoying reading yours now 🙂

  4. Hope you have as much fun as I do, Anke.

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