Artist date with jelly bean leaves

So what should a tired writer do to fill the well?  This one went to the garden shop, intending only to get some peat pots and a rose bush to replace on that didn’t thrive last year. 

Ended up with a bit more.  My nails are grimy and my arms are sunburned.  After puttering with the plants, I then played with the camera, trying to learn more about close-ups with a digital lens.  It’s a different process and I rush too much, but I’m starting to figure it out.  The focal points are somewhat confounding, but I suppose the answer to that is to keep shooting and shooting.  Petals_grill

A few for your viewing pleasure:

This was the the one I liked most.  It still not focused as well as I’d like, but the color of those geranium petals is practically edible.


I’m in a succulents mood.  They have so many intriguing textures


Tiny poppy plant. I liked the torn edge of the peat pot in this one. 

The well is all sloshy again.  Last bit of this rewrite this week, and then I’m really done with this round. 

2 thoughts on “Artist date with jelly bean leaves

  1. Samantha Winston, also a writer, is living with her family in France. Coincidentally she posted some garden pictures after a rain that are quite beautiful just the other day. The link, if you are interested, is below. I was able to use the peony (with Sam’s permission) as a desktop. How lucky am I to have you talented people to visit online?

  2. Rosie, thank you for that link. I think a lot of writers find nourishment in visual arts and in color, particularly. Last night, I got out my watercolor pencils and played with reproducing a gorgeous photo of an orchid. Deeply refreshing!

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