Photo of the day

Fern_leaves_2  Tonight, the sun slanted just so through the window and illuminated this fern in a terrarium on my desk.   The pattern slayed me–it seems miraculous, all those veins, and each edge carved, just so. 

The well is quite low at the moment.  I need to take a watercolor class or maybe just go nuts in the garden.   

In the meantime, the fern and the camera were a wonder.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the day

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photo. if you have time, check out blogger DebR. at Red Shoe Ramblings. she does a Daily Art Thang and recently had a similarly beautiful close up photo of a spring flower, maybe a daff.

  2. Oooh, thanks for the tip, Elena. Some of her photos are beautiful. I loved the white on white.

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