Into the great wide open….


Elena has packed her bags and headed out into the world.  I’m left here in my office, packing up the mess she left behind.  Weird that all those months and months of scribbling and mapping and brainstorming should result in this box of drafts (four, more or less) and files and notebooks, large and small. 


I noticed that I need a new journal, too.  This one is getting a little overstuffed.  Lately, my little notebooks have been moleskines, so I tried some larger ones for journals.  Found myself strangely resistant until I cut out a great photo of a woman in a kayak.

There’s my big brain post.   The brain, she’s gone.  Also, the knee, which I somehow twisted.  More on that later.

One thought on “Into the great wide open….

  1. I love those little moleskins! I carry a bunch around with me in my pocket, one for each “subject.”

    I’m sorry to hear about the knee! I’ve got a foot eight-month “issue,” so I feel your pain!

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