Five things

–Yesterday, I took my notebook to Starbucks and wrote a lot of pages longhand in my notebook while two girls talked about their boyfriends and who was pretty at school.  I kept wondering why they weren’t in class at 10:30 am.

–I figured out why there are pink candy skulls everywhere. 

–I seriously wish that the Literature of the Southwest and Its Women as studied as seriously as Southern Lit.  Which I like a lot.  I just know we are different here. Cultures. Religions. Attitudes. Landscapes. 

–I hate getting to the end of a book I love.  It’s like sending the kids off to college. I have LOVED writing this book and I’m dragging my feet because once it’s done, I don’t get to live here anymore

–writing books takes eating spinach and brown rice, plenty of yoga to keep the shoulders loose and some fresh air to blow away too much thinking.  Maybe some wine, but not too much.

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