Secret favorite genres

The sun is shining.  The window guy is coming to fix the shattered window tomorrow morning so I’ll see out of the cave again.  I got out of the house yesterday and ran four miles and went to see my handsome youngest son, and figured out the main question in the MIP, which was blazingly obvious, but not to me.  Honestly, sometimes it seems like the girls have to put up blinking neon signs THEME RIGHT HERE before I get it.   Much relieved.

But to get it, I had to walk away from my computer, from my imagination, from the charts and boards and notes and pressure and look away.  I had to be in my body and run.  I had to be in the car and play music, and listen to my boy talk about his life and all the things his circle are doing.  I had to see pictures and go to a movie in my secret favorite subgenre:  teenage outsider/underdog movies.   All the better if they have music, dance, or an athletic contest in them, and this one did.  We both really liked it–STOMP THE YARD.  Stomp and battle dance and music and Underdog Makes Good.  I love these movies because they always make me feel better and I don’t care if they’re simplistic.  Sometimes that’s okay.

Anyone else have a favorite movie or book genre you keep under wraps or maybe just don’t broadcast?

One thought on “Secret favorite genres

  1. Mel

    Oh, I love the sports/dance/music underdog movie too. I don’t care if they’re cheesy sometimes. The Cutting Edge, Bull Durham, Bring it on, Centre Stage, Drumline, there’s something completely satisfying about them : ))

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