An Indulgence: Paris Breakfasts

In pursuit of indulgences, I made that chocolate torte earlier this week.   I went to the movie by myself on Wednesday.  One night, I allowed myself to wander blogs, just reading whatever was pleasant.

I found Paris Breakfasts through Gabrielle’s site, and it’s just luscious.   An American watercolorist’s paintings of teapots and cups and breakfast tables, but also many photographs of pots and cups and feasts.   Food and color and a sense of appreciation in the small moments of life.  I feel nurtured when I visit there. Here’s one of her paintings:


The painter’s name is Carol Gillot, and of course she has paintings for sale.

3 thoughts on “An Indulgence: Paris Breakfasts

  1. Those are enchanting (and I rarely use that word in real life, but can’t think of a more appropriate one at the moment…heh). Unfortunately, I can’t find the place to see where you can buy her stuff. Looks like her website expired on 1/5/07 maybe. Waah.

  2. Gabrielle

    Ooh, nice new template. And yes, Carol’s blog is a daily indulgence. I want to buy one of her watercolors but I don’t know which yet. Something with macarons, I think.

  3. Julie, did you try the main site? First link.

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