On ARGH INK, Jenny Crusie writes a list of Indulgences for 2007 and urges us:

Make your 2007 Indulgences today, people. Because tomorrow, you’re going to be stuck making those damn Resolutions and after that it’s all diet and exercise and no flamingo bunny ears in sight.

Since I’m essentially a sybarite of the highest order, this strikes me as a delicious way to start the new year. My Indulgences for the year are:

1. Add more music.  There’s a lot in my life already, but this is indulgences–I love music. Sing every day.  Take cello lessons.  Download more music and listen to the things my children (and their friends) recommend so I can be dazzled by new artists.Fountain_and_ice

2. Take more photos for the pleasure of it.  I got a nice shot yesterday in all the holiday madness.

3. Cook something spectacular every week–French or Italian or Indian, or whatever else looks cool.  Play with food.

4. Order really excellent staples and ingredients once in awhile, like an array of salts from around the world and fantastic vinegars.

5. Throw a party every quarter for some ridiculous reason like the second Saturday in April.  With a theme I make up and all the good food I want to cook and plenty of wine or something to make people laugh.

Well, that wasn’t hard.  Go read Jenny’s and post your own.  If you blog about it, come back here and post your blog address. 

5 thoughts on “Indulgences

  1. Mel

    Yay, I read Jenny’s blog and thought it was a great idea…so I blogged my list too.
    Here’s to an indulgently industrious 2007! Or should that be industriously indulgent? Hopefully both : )


  2. I have a spent a lifetime indulging myself so it’s hard to think of new stuff. One big indulgence is to teach less and write more. Also blog less and write more complete, thought-out personal essays. And Barbara, you have inspired me. I’m going to iPod store right now to download It’s a Beautiful Day!

  3. Cindy, I love It’s a Beautiful Day. Did you do it??

    Essays. Yes. I’m giving up my column in NINK, so I have time to do that. Mostly the things I thought about regarding writing and the writing life went to that column. Now I’ll post them here.

    Mel, you didn’t post your address.

  4. Mel

    You get the link if you click my name…but otherwise : )


  5. Hi Barbara. Happy to find your blog. I’ve just blogged about this too:

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