SURVIVOR: Ozzy, the fairest of them all

Chistopher Robin and I went to friends’s house last night to watch the Survivor finale.  Our host provided Jungle Juice and smoked meats and piles of rice (he’s a fantastic cook and I admit I pigged out).  All night I was chanting under my breath, Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.   When the votes were read, the other three cheered.  I was very bummed.   

Watching the news this morning with Yul and Ozzy, again I felt bummed out.  Yul is a good guy, no question. Played the game brilliantly.  He’s easy on the eyes (but has there ever been a cast as lovely as this one?).   He’s obviously a very smart guy.

But I was in Ozzy’s corner from the early days.  That tumble of hair.  The gazelle-dolphin-bird-cat grace of him.  His straightforward–and yes, honorable–playing.  The food he provided–c’mon, has any group, ever, eaten as well as this one?  His kind heart, his adventurous spirit.  I haven’t been so invested in a Survivor winning since Ethan.   He’s just good.    When he became so emotional about the last sunrise on the island, and gave his speech about how much he loved being out there (it was so appealing to hear his favorite book was Robinson Crusoe!) it just got me.  I hope he’ll find a way to live the dream.  Lead adventure tours or something.   

As the mother I am, I can see it might be better for a laid-back, starry-eyed, idealistic youth of 25 to not win a million dollars.   I can see that the attention he receives this way will probably give him hundreds of opportunities to find the best life.   I see why so many wanted Yul to win. 

But I would reward fairness–and Ozzy gave us that.  He is fair of face and fair of heart, a young prince.  May he find his kingdom.

Great season, all in all.  Surprisingly good.

Did you watch? What did you think?

5 thoughts on “SURVIVOR: Ozzy, the fairest of them all

  1. I think this was quite possibly the best season ever. I loved it! I was rooting for Yul, but Ozzy grew on me during the course of the season and I’d have been just as happy for him to win. 🙂

  2. I actually screamed at the television when Jeff read the final vote. I was truly shocked. For me, Ozzy was the clear choice. I honestly had blinders on because I couldn’t see how it would go any other way.

    But it did, and that’s just one of the many things I love and hate about Survivor. This was one of the best seasons in a long time. They’ve reeled me in to come back for more…so I’ll keep on watching even though the true survivor didn’t win this time around.

    Ozzy is a person full of smiles. Sigh.

  3. Denise Claire

    I loved Ozzie and was rooting for him. My eyes teared up when he spoke about his difficult relationship with his birth father. It is fascinating to me to hear about the players real lives.

    And isn’t it cool that a book he read as a child, so thrilled him that he was inspired to learn the skills of his hero, and that it thoroughly prepared him to do so well on the show. Though Jonathan had qualms about giving his vote to a 25 year old to win a million dollars, I think Ozzie has a very mature attitude and understanding about what is important in this life and our connections to the basic elements of survival. And how disconnected we have become by living our modern civilized lives. I’m betting he will be offered some great business/career opportunities to use these skills because of what he demonstrated on Survivor and that ultimately, they may benefit him more than winning the million dollars would have.

    Oh, and he reminded me very much of Ethan also.

  4. ArkansasCyndi

    I was completely conflicted! I thought Yul played the game as well as anyone I can remember (and I’ve watched every session except the one Ethan won – I had a statistics class at the time!)

    Ozzie was the strongest player EVER on the show. He totally dominated every challenge. BUT, this is not a game of skill and strength. It’s a game of survival – it’s a thinking/plotting game, and from that standpoint, Yul “out-thought” everyone – including getting Ozzie to most of the work with challenges and food. Not that Yul didn’t compete in the challenges. For a guy with the idol, he could have sat back and coasted, especially through the more physical challenges, but he didn’t.
    Since it isn’t possible to split the money, I felt good about Yul winning the money and Ozzie getting the car!
    What a show. I think it may have been the best season EVER.

  5. It was hard to choose between Yul and Ozzie. Yul was fantastic, too.

    It was just…Ozzie snared my heart. He really did. I want him to do well in life. He made me want to learn to surf and be one with the ocean and give money to some charity that saves islands.

    When my son came home today, he said, “Oh, I knew you’d love Ozzie.” He of course loved Yul.

    But that’s fine. Yul is very loveable.

    I’m really looking forward to the next segement of Survivor!

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