Berry fingernails and jazzy hair

I have a lot of business to do next week– a sales conference with my romance publisher and then aLonghair  conference in MN.  My hair hasn’t been cut in six months and my nails were ragged from gardening, so I had it all done today.  I was going to cut my hair all off and dithered for a week about it.   I really like having long, long hair and I’m finally getting it back–but really worry that it’s not very professional to have it so long.   So I asked everybody last week, gathering opinions like the eternal sister I am ("does this look okay?"  "No," your sister says, "you look like a dork. Take it off.").  CR said, "you are beautiful, whatever you do."  Mother & sister said, "you’re miserable without your hair."  I was still planning to probably cut it this morning.  The hair dresser said, "I am NOT cutting your beautiful hair.  But don’t you dare let it get so split next time." 

So, she polished me up and buffed up the blond and CR said, "Go do your nails and toes, too."  So nails and toes are berry to match my favorite lipstick.  And now I just have to figure out what to wear.  I never much like suits, and have been wearing a lot of Indian scarves lately.  Maybe that. 

I just want to say that there’s nothing quite so renewing as having someone do my feet and hands.  The ankles are sore from running, the thumb weary from too much keyboarding.  Coming as I do from a granola-head, hippie, no-lipstick and barefoot world, however, it always feels decadent.  (I seriously did not wear lipstick until I was well into my thirties.  Lipstick was for plastic girls. "Lalalala live for today…")

I’m ruined. 4 bathrooms and nail salons for all. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

8 thoughts on “Berry fingernails and jazzy hair

  1. Gabrielle

    I have to admit that I don’t consider any of my pleasures to be guilty but essential I love, love, love anyone to do anything to me–massages, pedicures, scalp massages when I’m getting my hair done, the palm of a makeup artist’s hand resting on my face as she gives me a (free!!) makeover. And I’m an absolute junkie for anything that smells good, from candles to body lotions to teas. And then there’s food. Oh, it’s alllllllllllll good! But the one thing I absolutely go weak over –and which sounds really weird — is someone stroking my third eye. I used to work in a really stressful environment and this one guy, Raja, would do that when he could see I was freaking out. It’s the best. Problem is, you need someone else to do it, and it’s generally not the kind of thing you can ask your office mate to do.

  2. Gabrielle

    P.S. Enjoy the conference!

  3. I am also a no-makeup, no-polish kind of girl (It’s so much work and I mess it up anyway!), but I do really love those spa pedicures in the massage chair with all that hot water. I don’t even care about the polish – just keep working on my feet! Both my mother and mother-in-law are great about offering to get me one when I visit – so that’s fun.

  4. Donna R

    Never had a manicure or pedicure, sounds wonderful though. I would love to have a massage too and a beauty treatment, but, alas that all costs too much money. Oh well, have to make due with a hot bath and a good book!

  5. Barbara

    Oh, Donna, my darling, my dear….you MUST treat yourself to something. A manicure is not expensive–you can usually get one for $10-12, and it feels wonderful to treat yourself that way.

    Alas, I have not yet found anyone in Colorado Springs who can come close to my beloved Katherine (Gomez, of Earth Medicine) for massage. She spoiled me for life.

    Honestly, the physical difficulties of writing are better balanced by regular massage and lots of vigorous exercise. A person would be crippled without something.

    Barbara, trying to remember to sit up straight.

  6. Nancy

    I’m glad you didn’t cut your hair short, Barbara. I’m sure it would look great short, but since you love your long hair you should wear it proudly.

    My guilty pleasures are sinfully good chocolate (in which I indulge much too often), massages (which I don’t do often enough), and pedicures.

    Three of my girlfriends and I get pedicures to celebrate each other’s birthdays. We sit there with our feet soaking and have a gabfest. It’s so much fun.

    One of the best indulgences I’ve ever experiences was a mud bath in Calistoga. I long to do it again…

  7. Barbara

    Nancy, a mud bath sounds like heaven.

    My favorite indulgence ever was an aryuvedic massage at the Bishop’s Lodge in Santa Fe. Gallons of oil. I was transported to another plane, I swear it.

    I’m really happy with my hair, btw.

  8. Gabrielle

    Hey, Nancy, did you go to Indian Sprungs? A friend and I were there in 2002 and it was just the most delicious thing I’ve done! Mud bath followed by massage followed by lolling about by the Dragonfly pond followed by a lovely lunch from the general store next door followed by hours floating in the geothermic pool. We oozed our way back to San Francisco.

    Good tip picked up there for hot days: cut up chunks of cucumber to add to iced water.

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